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Personal Loan Basics

How is a Personal Loan defined?

A personal loan is a term loan which is paid back over a certain time-frame, like 5 years. Find lenders on our website that provide loans ranging from $1,000 to $100,000. A number of factors will determine your eligibility like your credit history, credit score as well as the laws in the state where you live.

Loans fall into the secured or unsecured categories and every lender has their own specific terms and conditions. We are not lenders, but we will get you in touch with the best loan provider to satisfy your requirements.

How do you benefit from a Personal Loan?

Unexpected expenses come up all the time from huge medical bills to car repairs. You might need the money to make home repairs or improvements or to make a major purchase.

Feature Loan Type

LendingTree Personal Loan
Loan Amount : $1,000-$50,000
APR : Depends
Loan Term : Depends
Credit Score : Poor to Excellent
Loan Amount : $100-$15,000
APR : Depends
Loan Term : 6 - 72 months
Credit Score : Poor to Excellent
Loan Amount : $300-$1,000
APR : Depends
Loan Term : Depends
Credit Score : Poor to Excellent
Auto Refinance Loans
Loan Amount : $5,000-$55,000
APR : 3.99%-24.99%
Loan Term : At least 24 months
Credit Score : Poor to Excellent
Loan Amount : $100-$5,000
APR : Depends
Loan Term : Depends
Credit Score : Poor to Excellent
Bad Credit Loans
Loan Amount : $500-$5,000
APR : Depends
Loan Term : Depends
Credit Score : Poor to Excellent
Jora Credit
Loan Amount : $500-$2,600
APR : 14%-29%
Loan Term : Depends
Credit Score : Poor to Excellent
Credible Student Loans
Loan Amount : Depends
APR : Depends
Loan Term : 5 - 20 years
Credit Score : Poor to Excellent

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Important Information

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